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Alpha Fence is a fence contractor who specializes in building high quality, durable fences and providing excellent customer service.  Our team of expert craftsmen will design and implement solutions to meet your fencing needs. You can relax knowing an Alpha Fence is built to last.

-  Wood Privacy Fence

-  Automatic Fence Gate

-  Vinyl Fencing

-  Chain Link Fencing

-  Safety Fence

-  Yard Fences

-  Metal Fence

-  Wrought Iron Fence

-  Sports Netting


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Only the Best

Alpha Fence delivers only the highest quality products. Our team of experts is dedicated to giving you exceptional customer service, all the way from the initial quote to final delivery. Our customers experience peace of mind, knowing their fence will last for years to come.


Fencing Trivia

Can you imagine a fence long enough to stretch from New York City all the way to California?  There is such a fence, called the Dingo Fence in Queensland, a part of Australia. The Australians built this fence around their vast sheep-raising areas, to protect their flocks from wild dogs and other animals. This wire fence is six feet tall and is buried one foot in the ground. Including all its twists and turns, the fence stretches more than 3,435 miles!